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​Building and Equipment Capabilities

  • Ten Ton Cranes (4)

  • Crane Height Center Bay (25') Side Bays (20')

  • Jib Cranes (12)

  • Welders (12)

  • Welding Postitioners HD (2)

  • Press Break

  • Blast Cabinet 

  • Burners (2)

Machine Capabilities

  • Turning Center (1) Mazak New, Dec. 2019

  • Milling Center (1) Mazak New, Jan. 2020

  • Lathe (4)

  • Milling Machine (4)

  • Saws (2)

  • Drill Press (4)

  • Magnetic Drill

  • Ironworker

  • Hydraulic Press

Paint Booth Dimensions

  • 16' Wide

  • 16' Tall

  • 30' Long

  • Paint Booth is equipped with a top of the line paint curing system with variable air volume. Clean air is introduced into the booth through an intake plenum at the front of the enclosure, and is exhausted through a plenum at the rear of the booth. Air is pulled horizontally through the working depth at an average velocity of approximately 100fbm. The intake and exhaust filter layout are designed for even air velocity throughout the working area of the booth. The intake plenum is designed with high efficiency intake filters to remove dust and dirt before it enters the paint booth. The booth is designed with the maximized filter quantity to assure efficient particulate filtration from the exhaust filters.



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